Dear Colleagues,

We would like to acknowledge the massive response of academic attendees, commercial sponsors and young talents grant requests received within this first important deadline. During the weekend we got several inquiries about the possible impact of COVID-19 on ICORS2020. There are almost 5 months left to ICORS and at present it is not possible to make any realistic prediction. As you certainly know, in Italy we are now under drastic measures enforced by our government. These include teleworking for the whole academic compartment. We would like to reassure you that we are closely monitoring the evolution of COVID-19 global scenario, working hard in the hope that next August ICORS will take place free from any restrictions.

The early bird payment deadline is in about two months: May 8th. We set very relaxed cancellation policies with full refund within June 21st. The worldwide COVID-19 scenario will be far clearer at that point, when we may consider further extensions or more drastic measures also consulting the International Steering Committee.

Given such circumstances, in response to the appeal of those of you concerned and understandably disoriented by the possible consequences of COVID-19 on ICORS we extended the abstract submission deadline to

March 22nd 2020 (23.59 CEST)

The very best we can do for ICORS2020 in this moment is to take an optimistic stance and contribute with an overwhelming number of abstracts (without further commitment for the moment from the participant’s side) to shape the best possible program for a successful event.

We will keep you constantly updated on the evolution.