XXVII International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy

August, 1-6 2021

Rome, Italy

The International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy (ICORS) started in 1969 and reached the twenty-seventh edition. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers from different fields interested in discussing the most recent progresses in Raman spectroscopy. Attendees will range from leading experts to junior researchers and graduate students.
ICORS meetings create a forum to discuss recent progress and emerging ideas in Raman spectroscopy and encourage informal contacts and discussions among all the participants. They also play an important role in maintaining a cohesive group of international researchers interested in Raman spectroscopy and related topics, whose interactions transcend the meetings and endure year round.


There is a deep link between Rome and the Raman effect, dating back to 1926, when Enrico Fermi took over the chair of theoretical physics at the University of Rome, boosting the famous “via Panisperna group”. Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman got his Nobel Prize in 1930, for the effect that he first observed in liquids in 1928. The new discovery was highly inspirational for Franco Rasetti, the last survivor of the Panisperna group, who was the first to demonstrate Raman effect in gases (F. Rasetti, ‘‘Raman Effect in Gases,’’ Nature 123 (1929), 205). His observations provided the first experimental evidence that the model for the atomic nucleus constituted by protons and electrons is inadequate.

Beside the strictly scientific motivations, Rome offers an ideal surrounding for its uncountable mainstream attractions and lesser-known gems.

For this reason we’re glad to inform you that the XXVII International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy will be held in Rome, at the “Sapienza” University, which holds the legacy of Enrico Fermi work.

We look forward to meeting you in Italy in 2021!

Tullio Scopigno, Chair Giulio Cerullo, Co-Chair
  • Non-linear and time resolved
  • Sers, Ters and plasmonics
  • Material science
  • Fundamentals and theory
  • Biology and biomedicine
  • Novel Techniques, analytics and applications

ICORS 2020/21 Conference is organized in 6 macro-areas, and will cover the following list of topics:
Ultrafast processes, coherent scattering, biomedical imaging, pharmaceuticals, disease characterization, low dimensional materials, extreme conditions, cultural heritage, forensic science, metrology, environmental and remote sensing, surface and resonance enhancements, gas phase spectroscopy, planetary and astronomical physical chemistry, energy harvesting and transport, optoelectronics, industrial applications and novel instrumentation, multi-dimensional vibrational spectroscopy.

ICORS 2020/21 will be guided by principles of social and environmental sustainability, respect the criteria of inclusiveness and gender equality and participate in the “Food for Good” project against the food waste in events

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