ICONS 2020

We are pleased to announce that ICORS satellite event, the International sChool On Nonlinear vibrational Spectro-microscopy (ICONS) is confirmed and it will move online, taking place in the form of web-meeting from July 30th to August 1st 2020.

ICONS will be structured around comprehensive review talks from world leading experts in complementary areas of nonlinear Raman spectroscopy both on theory, experiments and applications.

Specifically, the school will be three days of classes, with an introduction on the peculiarities of nonlinear Raman approaches with respect to linear Raman spectroscopy, discussing the technical requirements and the main tools that are conventionally exploited in modern experimental laboratories to manipulate and control optical pulses. The following two days will be focused on time-resolved and microscopic techniques, with principles and examples. The program, supported by world leading experts in the field of Raman nonlinear photonics, aims to have a balance between theoretical and experimental advances. Emphasis will be given to interdisciplinary aspects with other fields of research as well as to possible applications.

The aim of the school is to provide high level-expertise for young researchers and students interested in nonlinear Raman spectroscopy, applied to access dynamical and microscopic properties at the molecular and condensed matter levels. ICONS meeting will also represent a great opportunity for maintaining continuous scientific exchanges within the ICORS community until the next summer edition.


ICONS meeting is intented as an advanced school, but for the youngest generation of Raman spectroscopists it will also represent a great opportunity for plunging into the ICORS atmosphere waiting for the 20/21 edition.
The following video is the welcoming to the International sChool On Nonlinear vibrational Spectro-microscopy by Prof. Wolfgang Kiefer and an introduction to the Opening Talk of the ICORS XXV meeting, where he painted an amazing fresco of the ICORS history, discussing how linear and nonlinear Raman spectroscopy has developed over half a century as reflected by the previous ICORS conferences.



The following speakers are confirmed.

Prof. Giulio Cerullo

Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

Experimental Nonlinear Techniques.

Prof. Marcus T. Cicerone

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

Coherent Raman Microscopy.

Prof. Shaul Mukamel

University of California Irvine, USA.

Theoretical Nonlinear and Time-Resolved Spectroscopy.

Prof. Eric O. Potma

University of California Irvine, USA.

Experimental Coherent Raman Spectroscopy.

Prof. Sanford Ruhman

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem , Israel.

Experimental Time-Domain Raman Spectroscopy.

Prof. Tullio Scopigno

“Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy.

Experimental Nonlinear Raman Spectroscopy.

Prof. Tahei Tahara

Director of Molecular Spectroscopy Laboratory RIKEN , Japan.

Time Resolved and Time Domain Raman Spectroscopy.



In view of a wide response, homogeneously distributed worldwide, we haven’t set a single daily schedule built on our local (European) time zone. On the contrary, each day of the school has a timetable optimized for a different time zone (Day1-Europe, Day2-Asia, Day3-America). The times in the program are in GMT+2 (Rome Timezone).

You can download the program at the following link, or directly sinc your calendar here.

During their lectures, the speakers will be asked to foster the discussion between the students, encouraging informal contacts and the scientific interactions among all the participants, creating a cohesive group of international researchers interested in nonlinear Raman spectro-microscopy. The program aims to have a balance between theoretical and experimental advances. In particular, the following topics will be covered:

• Nonlinear optics for pump-probe experiments: principles and examples.
• Time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy in molecular and solid state compounds.
• Time versus frequency domain Raman experiments.
• Advances in multi-dimensional vibrational spectroscopy.
• Optical Control of Light-Matter Interactions.
• Linear vs non-linear Raman for spectro-microscopy.
• Nonlinear Raman in microscopy experiments: spatial resolution, chemical sensitivity and technical advantages.
• Nonlinear Raman microscopic experiments building on broadband and/or narrowband pulses.
• Vibrational response of molecules for CARS, SRS and RIKES approaches. Derivation of the system response and discussion of main differences and advantages.
• Examples of coherent Raman applied to microscopic studies of solid state systems and biological compounds.
• Theoretical and computational spectroscopy.
• Atomic and molecular structural dynamics resolved in space and time.
• Time resolved Raman studies of nanostructured materials.


The ICONS 2020 participation fee is 80 € and it includes: full access to the ICONS lectures and a voucher for discounting an equivalent amount (80€) from any of the ICORS 20/21 (August 1-6 2021) registration fees. The voucher will be automatically redeemed using the same email for the ICORS registration.

In order to register to ICONS, please follow this link.  ICONS 2020 registration deadline is July 27th 2020.

ICONS is free of charge for those who already registered (or are going to register before 28 July) with the ICORS 2020 Early bird fee. In order to register to ICORS 20/21, please follow this link.

At the end of the school, you will be awarded a certificate of attendance for actively participating to the International sChool On Nonlinear vibrational Spectro-microscopy. Those requiring more details at their home institution may request a complete certificate, listing the number of hours (including lectures and subject classes).


Coordinators of the school:

description here

Dr. Giovanni Batignani
“Sapienza” University of Rome
Mail: giovanni.batignani@uniroma1.it

description here

Dr. Carino Ferrante
Mail: carino.ferrante@iit.it

Do you need further support? Contact the Organizing Secretariat at: secretariat@icors2020.com