These have been extraordinarily difficult times for organizing conferences.

ICORS XXVII (Rome) conference suffered a first postponement from 2020 to 2021, and the organizers, driven by the ongoing pandemic emergency, were now about to announce a second postponement to 2022, upon agreement with the International Steering Committee. Unfortunately, in the midst of restructuring ICORS XXVIII conference for the consequent shift, the Southern California team encountered liability problems due to irrevocable Hotels agreements which would have caused unacceptable financial burden.

These unforeseen byproducts of the pandemic forced the two teams to move the 2022 ICORS back to Long Beach (August 14-19) and postpone the Rome edition to 2024 accordingly. This has been a very difficult decision, especially as the arrangements for the Rome conference were well advanced in many respects. The nature of such arrangements, however, allows preserving most of the work and investments done for the Rome edition, transferring them to Long Beach without major losses.

The two organizing teams will work closely together: the current Rome Scientific Program will be shifted (and expanded with an additional call for abstracts, as originally planned) to SoCal, under the responsibility of the Rome team which will act as Program Chairs/Committee, while the SoCal team will act as the General Chairs and take care of the conference logistics.

All the early registrations finalized for ICORS XXVII to date, will be valid for the SoCal 2022 edition with similar benefits (nothing to be done from your side), or can be withdrawn by 30 April 2021 receiving a full refund (sending the request to

From now on please refer to for all the ICORS XXVII-related information.

We anticipate that in 2024 the roles will be switched, with the Rome team acting as General/Local Chairs and with the SoCal organizers chairing the scientific program for the Rome Conference.

On behalf of the ICORS XXVII (August 14-19 2022, Long Beach, Southern California) Organizing Committee

Tullio Scopigno & Giulio Cerullo (Program Chairs)

Eric Potma & Ara Apkarian (General Chairs)